I’m currently in a one month residency at La Fragua in Belalcázar, Spain. The work space is situated in a portion of the 15th Century convent of Santa Clara and shared by artists experimenting within a variety of different media. The setting is very rural and rustic and I found the aesthetic definitely influenced what I decided to work on.

La Fragua (our half of the convent):

IMG_0656 IMG_0636 IMG_0659

Summer months are hot and dry with muted colors and large, open skies.

The town is named for its 15th century “beautiful castle,” which is a big enough deal to have its own brand of potato chips. It’s now in a state of decay, closed off to the public and inhabited by several storks and large owls, lending it an irresistible sense of mystery.

Animals of Belalcázar. Several of these guys were a direct influence, and others, I have no doubt will show up in my sculptures at a later time.

Before I arrived, I made my way south from Barcelona, through Madrid and Cordoba, absorbing the imagery from each city. By the time I reached La Fragua, I felt pretty saturated with inspiration. These are some of my favorites:

Greetings from Spain (Belalcázar)

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