Animal/Plant Studies

I’m always seeing animalistic postures and behavior in humans and vice versa, so I thought that some of my time in rural Spain would be well spent studying the animal life. My first drawings were some larger sketches for my menina sculpture and a study of Miranda’s painting of Eugenia.

IMG_0701  IMG_1238

I also took a few trips to the farm of Andrés, a very kind and enthusiastic supporter of La Fragua, to make some studies of his merino sheep.

IMG_1239  IMG_1240 IMG_1242



IMG_1224  IMG_1225



These are some abstractions of plant forms to help me warm up to watercolors again:

IMG_1222   IMG_1228IMG_1223

They led into a 3D version out of raw clay that I used to test out the whitewash. It is also stained with coffee and colored with chalk.

IMG_1131 IMG_1128  IMG_1124