Lo Consultamos Durmiendo

As the group of residents who were present at La Fragua during the month of June (some had arrived earlier and some were staying later), we organized an exhibition titled “Lo Consultamos Durmiendo” which was held for the evening of June 27th in the upstairs “boat room” of the convent. We chose to recreate a version of our work spaces within the room, exhibiting materials, investigations and works in progress. Each of us wrote a short statement about our artistic thoughts/progress during the residency, which we made available to those in attendance. The artists included: Theresa Chromati, Olga Micińska, Ismael Sentíes, Lisa-marie Vlietstra, and me, with curatorial help from Fernando García Méndez. ( A really fun group and one I feel lucky to have spent time with!)


Much of our conversation and communal time as a group took place around the kitchen table where we cooked and ate meals together, sharing thoughts and ideas that wove their way into our artwork. So, the table also had a place in the center of the room. As guests entered and viewed our work, we sat at the table and had a meal together, performing what we felt was such a significant aspect of our time at the convent. Each of us felt that the artwork we were making was new to us, experimental, and would need a bit of digestion before its place in our home studio practice revealed itself, hence our title, “We are sleeping on it”