Here and There

I’m excited to announce that, for the month of June, my artwork is being featured at Practical Art in Phoenix. Many of the sculptures that I’m exhibiting are very newly completed, and I’m continuing to expand on those themes in my studio. I’m grateful to have a venue in which to share this work in the world during a time when so many other plans are uncertain.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work in an artist residency program called C.R.E.T.A. Rome, which is located in the heart of Rome, Italy. I sought out this experience to broaden my exposure to ancient classical sculpture, especially Hellenistic pieces, which are some of the most aesthetically and psychologically dramatic forms from the classical era. I found myself thinking about how the ways in which we in the Western world view and interact with nature, as well as the concept of the feminine, are really present in many of these early artworks. Some of the sculptures in this exhibition are studies that I created while in Rome and others are responses to those studies and a dialogue that I continued in my home studio when I returned to Arizona.

Practical Art is a wonderful retail and gallery space committed to supporting Arizona artists and their local community. Although the physical space is currently closed, they are featuring artworks online and accommodating a socially distanced shopping experience. You can check out all that they have to offer, here.

Research and development support for a phase of this work was provided by the Arizona Commission on the Arts with funding from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts, an endowment held at the ACF. Through this public-philanthropic collaboration, the Arts Commission and ACF aim to increase strategic investments in artists, supporting the work they do as innovators and creative contributors to Arizona’s future.