artist statement

Through the process of play and “trying things on” my figures experiment with objects that affect their appearance and bodily movement. The accoutrement’s incongruous relationship to the body of the figure is emphasized by the color and surface contrast of multiple materials. Oftentimes these objects unnaturally impede normal movement or sensory function. Although they initially appear sweet and frivolous, these accessories have the potential to cause physical and psychological discomfort. The desire to appear in a certain way is driven by both cultural forces and basic animalistic impulses; this is illustrated in my work with animal-human hybridity. The figures are experimenting with different modes of self-representation. They alternate between appearing submissive and threatening. It is indistinguishable whether they make these alterations for a self-serving purpose or for the pleasure of the viewer. At times they do not appear to be conscious of their projected sense of self. This asks us to question how/why we wish to appear and if we know what is truly being seen.